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    Kaufen Button in product_listing_v1

    Hi habe gerade sowas umgesetzt, hier mein Code den du in das Template einsetzen kannst: <!-- .add-to-cart --> {form type=form name=product action='dynamic' link_params=getParams method=post} {form type=hidden name=action value=add_product} {form type=hidden name=product value=$module_data.products_id} <div class="add-to-cart"> {$products_information} <div style="display: none;" class="qty"> {form type=text name=qty value=1} </div> <div class="action"> {css_button class='btn btn-danger' text=$smarty.const.BUTTON_ADD_CART type='form'} </div> </div> {form type=formend} <!-- /.add-to-cart --> interessant ist das dick markierte