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Plugin Konstante global verfügbar machen klapt nicht

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Hallo Leute (oldbear) habt ihr ein tip für mich wo steckt der bolzen


defined('_VALID_CALL') or die('Direct Access is not allowed.');

if (ACTIVATE_KOH_FLASH_BOX == 'true' && isset($xtPlugin->active_modules['koh_flash'])){

	require_once _SRV_WEBROOT._SRV_WEB_PLUGINS.'/koh_flash/classes/class.koh_flash.php';

   $koh_flash_box = new koh_flash(true);

   $koh_flash_list = $koh_flash_box->getkoh_flash();

   $show_box = true;

} else {

	$show_box = false;



defined('_VALID_CALL') or die('Direct Access is not allowed.');

class koh_flash extends products_list {

	function getkoh_flash () {

		global $xtPlugin, $xtLink, $db;

		$query_koh_flash = "SELECT products_flash_pre FROM ".TABLE_PRODUCTS." WHERE products_id='".(int)($GLOBALS[template]->content_smarty->_tpl_vars[products_id])."' LIMIT 0,1";

		$rs_koh_flash = $db->Execute($query_koh_flash);

		$flash_koh_flash =		$rs_koh_flash->fields['products_flash_pre'];

		$query = $this->sql_products->getSQL_query();


		return $module_content;




in der box template möchte ich die Konstane FLASHCLIP ausgeben aber sie bleibt leer?

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