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SQL Error - xt:Commerce VEYTON


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1. mysql error: [2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)] in CONNECT(localhost, '****', '****', shop)

2. mysql error: [2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query] in EXECUTE("SELECT pc.code FROM xt_plugin_code pc INNER JOIN xt_plugin_products pp ON pc.plugin_id = pp.plugin_id WHERE pc.hook = 'class.box_handler.php:box_bottom' AND pc.code_status = 1 and pp.plugin_status = 1 order by pc.sortorder")

3. mysql error: [2006: MySQL server has gone away] in EXECUTE("UPDATE xt_sessions2 SET expiry = (NOW() + INTERVAL 1440 SECOND) ,expireref='', modified = NOW() WHERE /*! BINARY */ sesskey = 't2kl8v8h135pr0tjodord18l41' AND expiry >= NOW()")

4. mysql error: [1054: Unknown column 'sort_price' in 'order clause'] in EXECUTE("SELECT DISTINCT p.products_id FROM xt_products p INNER JOIN xt_products_to_categories p2c ON p2c.products_id = p.products_id LEFT JOIN xt_products_price_special pps ON p.products_id = pps.products_id and (pps.date_available <= '2014-07-25 15:30:58' or pps.date_available = 0) and (pps.date_expired >= '2014-07-25 15:30:58' or pps.date_expired = 0) LEFT JOIN xt_seo_url su ON (p.products_id = su.link_id and su.link_type='1') WHERE p.products_id != '' and p2c.categories_id = 15 and p.products_fsk18!=1 and p.products_status = '1' and su.language_code = 'de' and (p.products_master_model='' or p.products_master_model IS NULL) ORDER BY sort_price DESC LIMIT 0,15")

????? alles erst nach dem Update auf 4.1.10

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Die Zeichenfolge "sort_price" taucht im unverschlüsselten Teil meiner Installation exakt zwei mal auf:

/plugins/xt_master_slave/hooks/class.product_sql_query.phpF_Sorting_price_desc.php, Zeile 42 und

/plugins/xt_master_slave/hooks/class.product_sql_query.phpF_Sorting_price.php, Zeile 42:

END AS sort_price ");[/CODE]

Kein Vorkommen in den Templates.

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