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Smarty Tool V0.10


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Excuse for my English. Today has made for itself " templates upgrade tool ".For comparison of variables such as " {$TemplateVars} ".

While only for local. I shall soon make the advanced version.

Will consist of two files: form.html and script.php

Start a file form.html. Files should is in one catalogue.

Templates Compare(upgrade?) Tool V0.01

form.html :


<form name="form1" action="script.php" method="post">

<input type="file" name="file1"><input type="file" name="file2">

<div align="center"><br></div>

<input type="submit" value="go!">



script.php :



$a1 = array();

$a2 = array();

foreach(file($_POST["file1"]) as $value) {


 foreach($array[1] as $v1)

 $a1[] = $v1;


foreach(file($_POST["file2"]) as $value) {


 foreach($array[1] as $v1)

 $a2[] = $v1;


$a1 = array_unique($a1);

$a2 = array_unique($a2);




<table border="1" width="100%" id="table1">


     <td><?php foreach($a1 as $v2) echo $v2 . '<br>'; ?></td>

     <td><?php foreach($a2 as $v2)echo $v2.'<br>'; ?></td>



     <td><br><b><font color=#FF0000>No more use in <br><small><?php echo str_replace('\\\\','\\',$_POST["file1"]) ?>:</small></font></b><br><br><?php foreach(array_diff($a1,$a2) as $b) echo $b . '<br>'; ?></td>

     <td><b><font color=#0000FF>New in <br><small><?php echo str_replace('\\\\','\\',$_POST["file2"]) ?> :</small></font></b><br><br><?php foreach(array_diff($a2,$a1) as $b) echo $b . '<br>'; ?></td>




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:grml: :) :pint:

... ?hem, kann mir einer mal auf die Spr?nge helfen, ich check dat nicht ganz, jetzt nicht das es an dem englisch liegen w?rde, oder doch ?

... oder sollte ich weniger saufen beim basteln ??? :grml:

Na, wie dem auch sei, wers gecheckt hat, kanns ja mal hier auf verst?ndliche Art und weise posten, hilft bestimmt nicht nur mir weiter ;-)

der webkasper

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